New Energy Efficiency Standards

A new Energy Efficiency Standards update came out on January 1st that dictates what codes builders and remodelers need to meet going forward.  Commonly known in the trade as Title 24, this is the first update since mid 2014 with no changes to window efficiency whilewall and roof insulation is now much more stringent.  The next update is expected in 2020 when net neutral homes are expected.  We all love to hate regulations especially when it affects what we personally want to do, but we as Californians, voted this direction in. 

So, what are the Energy Efficiency Standards (Title 24) that I have to meet? 

While there are 16 zones in California, the rules are much simpler. 

  1. Windows in all zones need to have a U-Factor (heat going out of your home) of .32 or less.  That is all that is required in our prime locations of Oakland, San Francisco, Berkeley and surrounding area.  
  2. Zones that are not in coastal areas also require a Solar Heat Gain Co-efficient (the outside heating up your home) need and SHGC of .25 or less.  San Jose requires this.  So does Morgan Hill where I live (yes, it is a commute).  

If you are unsure, just give us your zip code and we’ll tell you what zone you are in and what rules apply.